TissueStack Features - 6

TissueStack permits the comparison of mutant vs. wildtype image data and will allow for morphological investigation of differences between the two.

The most common form of morphological comparison used for voxel data is to use either a combined view of both datasets or to overlay them. TissueStack supports both of these types of image comparison. As part of this the datasets are also synchronised via the inbuilt coordinate system (typically in mm).

These two screenshots show the two styles of dataset synchronisation (side by side and overlay) In the case of the overlaid datasets, the second image has been set to use the Spectral colour map.

Control of the synchronisation and overlay is via the admin tab.

When in overlay mode a new control is shown in the top left of the image pane, this controls the opacity of the overlaid image such that the image behind can be seen.

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