TissueStack Features - 5

A design goal of TissueStack has always been to develop a system that can be easily downloaded, installed and configured on a standard architecture by a relatively competent user for use at local sites.

In order to get the best possible performance using web technologies, a "TissueStack" install is comprised of 4 components. All of these components are in a single Github repository and can be downloaded using a simple git clone from https://github.com/NIF-au/TissueStack or as a ZIP archive from this link: https://github.com/NIF-au/TissueStack/archive/master.zip 

An installation guide is provided for each part of TissueStack, these can be found on github, in the README for each component:

The TissueStack Server (Coded in C):


The TissueStack Server middle layer (Coded in Java):


The TissueStack Server database (Postgres SQL): 


The TissueStack Client web front end (that can be included in multiple websites for a single server): 


In order to further ease the installation process, there exist binary packages: 


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