TissueStack Features - 1

The original description of TissueStack called for a number of features the first of these was for the interactive combined or adjacent display of multi-scale MRI, histology, nomenclature data and corresponding project metadata.

With recent developments we can now announce that we have met this goal, the current release of TissueStack now allows you to display 2 datasets beside each other. These datasets can be of any modality as the only input requirement is a file in either NiFTI or MINC format. Nomenclature and metadata (co-ordinates, colormaps) are displayed in the left pane. The most important of this the co-ordinate system as it is by this common reference frame that images are linked.

An example screenshot of this is shown below. In this case a restacked histology is shown in the top panel and the corresponding MRI from the same animal is shown in the bottom panel

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