Tissue Stack Version 0.3 released

The new version of Tissue Stack features major visual improvements in the front-end and supports tablet as well as phone. The desktop version is suitable for tablet browsing, the phone's interface contains only a portion of the overall functionality with a canvas per page.

The desktop version has a mobile look & feel with the old 3 canvas view (1 big and 2 smaller) and a slider for the z dimension aka slices. It can be seen here: http://httpd2.cai.uq.edu.au/~harald/TissueStack/desktop.html

There exists an alternative, slightly more minimal version with only one canvas per page which can be found here: http://httpd2.cai.uq.edu.au/~harald/TissueStack/mobile.html

The url for the phone version is: http://httpd2.cai.uq.edu.au/~harald/TissueStack/phone.html (Note: This versions has been primarily tested on iPhones and we know of a zoom issue on Android phones which we plan to fix in the next version)

As far as functionality goes, all versions now display real world coordinates and there is a choice of three color mappings in the settings section.

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