Future Enhancements

We plan to integrate the following into the code base within the next 2 weeks:

  • Addition of a "Data Panel" on the left hand side of the screen, right beneath the "Center Coordinate" button. I call it "data panel" because it will be a hierarchical tree in the desktop version whereas in the tablet version it will be implemented as a touch menu. A future phone version will have the ability to swap data-sources but no "data panel" for obvious space reasons.
  • Creation of a Configuration Database which holds all datasets' meta-info relevant to loading the data panel when the front-end page is initialized.
  • Creation of a Restful Service Framework which represents the link between back- end functionality and front-end representation. For the start, the service will provide urls to query the contents of a Tissue Stack  instance and the datasets' configurations.
  • A slider for to manipulate the byte range of the images displayed.

We also hope that all of these features are available for online viewing as soon as we are finished with their development. This is going to happen at a different address than the one used so far (see my previous post), as soon as we are able to use our designated virtual machines.

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