Version 1.3 is out

This version includes the following:

  1. bug-fixes regarding contrast and color map behavior
  2. label lookup files can be used for a discrete colormap as well
  3. user interface changes in regards to data set information

2. label lookup files can be used for a discrete color map:

So far a text file of the following layout could be used to associate lookup information with pixel values:

0       0       0       0       Black (Background)
1       106     114     188     A24a
2       106     114     158     A24a'
3       116     107     219     A24b

The first column will be the gray scale value for the lookup, then come the 3 RGB columns and last is the text associated with the previous 4.

The crucial steps to using the above lookup table are:
  1. Make sure the colums are separated by tabs !!
  2. Place the file into the lookup folder  of the data directory, i.e. /opt/tissuestack/lookup
  3. Restart the service, e.g. /etc/init.d/tissuestack restart (as super user)
Once this has been done, the drop down menu for the color map will include the lookup files color mapping. It will display as its file's name.

Side Note: While the color map from the lookup file is available, one more step is required for the label/text to be shown as in the screenshot above.

The table dataset_values_lookup in the tissuestack database will have the contents of the lookup file information which might look like this:

Use the id to link it with the corresponding dataset in the table dataset by means of a simple sql update as such:
UPDATE dataset SET lookup_id=? WHERE id=?
The question marks will have to be replaced by the desired ids.

The result will be viewable after a reload/refresh of the web site.

3. user interface changes in regards to data set information map:

The navigation tree will use the description provided when add the data set will be added which makes for a nicer appearance than the previously used data set id and server location. This change also applies to the mobile interfaces of the tablet and the phone version. The desktop ought to look something like this:

Side Note: Should there be a desire to edit the contents of the description field, this can be achieved by updating it in the database, in specific in the table dataset (which was mentioned above already):

A word of caution: The filename column should not be updated/changed unless the source file did really get moved/renamed, otherwise the on-the-fly Image Server will be unable to locate it. Likewise the id of the dataset is used in the location determination of the tiling directory such that if it were updated the tiling directory associated with the data set would have to be renamed too.


Last but not least, the binary packages can be downloaded from:


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