Version 0.8

This version of Tissue Stack includes the following new features:

  • Support of the NIFTI format:
The application can now convert a NIFTI file into its native RAW equivalent which can in turn be used for direct image querying.

Note: In the upcoming version of TissueStack RAW files will be the only admissible file formats for direct querying. The user interface will provide a facility to convert Minc and Nifti formats prior to pre-tiling/adding them to the configuration (see "Upcoming Attractions")

  • Synchronized Viewing of Data Sets:
When activating the setting

one can navigate within either one of the two datasets chosen and the other will "follow"

Note: This makes only sense when viewing 2 data sets of either the same or at least vastly overlapping coordinate ranges, otherwise one of the 2 will always stick to the maximum of its own extent.

  • Memory Mapping for Direct Image Querying
We expect a bit of performance speed-up from this new way of reading the file, particularly since with the tiled request more than 1 thread is accessing the same region within a given file.

Upcoming Attractions:

  1. Pre-tiling will be available through the user interface
  2. Conversion of minc and nifti files will be available through the user interface
  3. Task listing for 1. and 2. within the Admin Tab of the application that shows progress